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My name is Troy Bronson. Film is life, music is vital, and writing is peace. I did “+380” Ukraine (2022) and an explosive biopic (2023); check in here later to know more… I’ve traveled to 47 countries. My first role was a Hit 1 Billion Views Music Video, the most-watched video in America that year, followed by five nominations, including video of the year at The MTV Video Music Awards. I currently major in Media Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.



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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 

George Bernard Shaw

Berlin International Film Festival


Born in Seattle, Washington, to a gringo dad who sold and adored seafood and a Latina lady, my life up until this point has always been a little bit of a struggle. But I’m not here to moan and groan; life is way too short for that. I want to show the world my talents and how I stand out. 

My wonderful grandma raised me in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, known as home to one of the largest drug-trafficking cartels in the world. At 7, I got my first job as a paperboy, and well, let me tell you – it was hell. Wake at 5:00 am and cycle 27 miles daily in the intensely humid Mexican morning heat. Grandma had a fresh glass of chocolate milk with a raw egg beaten into it waiting for me when I got back. Pretty awful , but without a doubt, it turned me from a boy made into a man.

My earliest memories of the arts came from a 2.0-megapixel camera borrowed from my aunt. Nearby rivers and fields, my heat-scorched rusty bicycle, family members, and perhaps most vividly, my aunt’s cat ‘Emilio’ all featured in what you could call my earliest ‘portfolio’. These moments stuck with me, and I now realize they marked the point when my love for the modern media developed. 

The next step is traveling to the US to pursue my dream of working in media. Quickly learning English (while feasting on mouthwatering patty melts), I enrolled in college and worked jobs to fund my journeys around the world, saving for further education. I developed plays for the toddlers at family reunions, complete with outfit changes and full cassette soundtracks. This led to getting lead roles in theater workshops, which gave me my first taste of the main stage: a huge open-air theater, right next to the deep blue ocean. I’ll never forget the fresh Pacific wind hitting my face on stage. It was magical, like a spell cast on me. It left me wanting more, which, eventually, is what I got.

That little boy cycling the streets of Sinaloa would go on to feature in a music video viewed over 1 billion times worldwide and have a part to play in one of the most anticipated films of recent times releasing in 2023, and –what I can safely describe as one of the biggest achievements of my life, but after seeing myself at the VMA’s for those few seconds, as the ‘Video of the Year’ category was broadcast to millions, it’s now almost a reality, and I feel like I’m only getting started. 

Outside of school, making techno, and photography remains a huge passion, with a portfolio including travels to 44 countries. On-screen, and modeling is where I completely excel at. Make no mistake: I remember my roots and the fate of others, active in charity work, mostly with HIV-infected children in South Africa, where I did my semester abroad. I’m also currently finishing my degree at the University of California, Berkeley, after previously attending Santa Monica College, holding a part-time job, funnily enough, selling seafood…


I am actively looking for agent representation and welcome any approach. Please use the contact details at the top of the page.

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